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Purpose, Mission, Values

Our Purpose

At the highest level, our purpose is the transformation of humankind focusing on four words; Love, Thought, Gratitude and Harmony.


  • Skill - Ability to accept what is without illusion, or value judgment
  • Belief - Love is the most powerful force


  • Skill - Ability to think clearly attending to alienated aspects of the situation
  • Belief - Thought is the most powerful action


  • Skill - Ability to appreciate the miseries and blessings of life as gifts and be thankful
  • Belief - Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life, the gifts presented in every engagement or exchange with the environment


  • Skill - Ability to resolve tension between I want/We need and other splits I/Thou, We/They
  • Belief -  Harmony represents our struggle for balance and a life worth living.


The reason one group or organization excels over another, given equitable resources, resides in the ability and competency to scan one's internal and external environments, to make meaning of the data collected, and to respond appropriately in ways that support reaching agreed-upon, desired outcomes.


The true worth of interveners is not measured by the set of skills or tools they possess, but by their ability to see themselves clearly in relation to others. Such clarity drives the individual to integrate organizational change knowledge and the synergy of working with others to produce powerful interventions for superior results.

Our Mission

The Gestalt Center for Organization & Systems Development is dedicated to the advancement and teaching of Gestalt OSD theory, concepts, and methodology for individuals, groups, and organizations interested in enhancing self-mastery and use of self in organizational contexts.

In the most practical terms, our aim is to encourage and enable our participants to walk into a room anywhere in the world, containing any number of people, and make a difference with their presence.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Respect & Trust
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Excellence
  • Personal Fulfillment