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Who We Are

The Gestalt Center for Organization & Systems Development (Gestalt OSD Center) was established in 1974 at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland with the unique goal of integrating Gestalt theory, systems theory and organization theory into an exceptional framework applicable to enhancing work at all levels of systems.

The Gestalt OSD Center is dedicated to the advancement of individuals, groups, and organizations interested in enhancing self-mastery and use of “self” in organizations. We are proud of our rich history as the premier "finishing school" for individuals at the Master's and Doctorate degree level who seek to sharpen their intervention skills across multiple levels of system.  The quality of Gestalt OSD Center programs is enriched by a unique body of concepts, methodology and theory, and we continue to meet or surpass our participants' high expectations.

We have conducted programs, workshops and training across the United States and have a workshop or consultation presences in six continents.

The Gestalt Center for OSD conducts training programs and workshops under the auspices of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland Organization & Systems Development Integrative Studies Center, Inc. (GISOSDISC). Both organizations are independent non-profit educational entities.

Our ultimate aim in all of our world class training programs and workshops is to enable our participants to walk into a room anywhere in the world, holding any number of people, and make a significant difference with their presence.