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This advanced workshop is designed for coaching program graduates and experienced coaches who are interested in increasing self- and other-awareness. Participants will have an opportunity to build upon their existing coaching knowledge and expertise. Effective Use of Self, speeding up the process of change, and achieving desired outcomes will be supported by Gestalt Organization and Systems Development (OSD) theory, concept and method. This workshop is highly experiential. The 4:1 participant to faculty ration provides ample support for practice and instructive feedback to each participant.

Desired outcomes of the workshop:

Use the GestaltOSD body of knowledge to:

  • Attend to oneself and others in ways that support change.
  • Enhance intervention skills and mastery of Use of Self as Coach.
  • Become more aware of Use of Self and of natural processes related to change in human systems.
  • Heighten awareness of how your own theory, concepts, methods, and ability to make meaning support or hinder your effectiveness as an intervener.
  • The GestaltOSD method focuses on bringing into conscious awareness and choice the client’s exterior and interior reality in order to achieve desired outcomes grounded in personal coherence and satisfaction. This is supported by the ability of coaches to see themselves clearly in relation to others and by their skillful Use of Self.

This training will support the development of the following Use of Self skills.

  • Scanning the internal and external environment in a coaching engagement to understand how your own perceptions and relating style impacts your client’s experience.
  • Gathering a wider variety of cognitive, emotional, and physical data in an interaction rather than relying on habitual modes of perception and meaning making.
  • Making sense of data utilizing the GestaltOSD body of knowledge.
  • Building on the existing coaching competencies participants bring to their work.

If you have questions, you can email Rachel or Tanya.

Fee per workshop: $5,200 (inclusive of lodging and meals)

24 CCE Credits (20 core competency, 4 resource development)

Date: March 24 – March 27, 2017 – New Jersey area – workshop is required residential

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