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GestaltOSD Member Benefits

It's our loyal faculty and supportive graduates and members who make our programs and services possible. The only requirement for membership is appreciating and wanting to support the work of the GestaltOSD Center and being interested in using the GestaltOSD body of knowledge to support your own personal growth and development.

GestaltOSD Training Program Graduates can join as Professional Members.  Professional Members can be considered for GestaltOSD Certified Practicitioner status (OSDCP) (OSDCC).

As a GestaltOSD member you will receive:

  • Notice of new information and products posted on the website
  • GestaltOSD Center Newsletters
  • Unlimited access to the OSD training and development program Graduate List
  • Exclusive member perks and discounts
  • Access to member only web cast related to the GestaltOSD body of knowledge
  • Access to complete packages of materials related to major GestaltOSD conceptual frames of reference

Help yourself to these benefits while supporting the GestaltOSD Center.


$45a year


$145a year


$350a year



Or you can register as a free subscriber (there is no charge) to gain access to the additional details as it relates to the GestaltOSD Body of Knowledge.

If you have an existing account or one that has expired please LOGIN first and then upgrade/renew your membership. That way you don't create a new user account.