|OD Practitioner Special Edition

OD Practitioner Special Edition


Guest edited by John D. Carter and Mary Ann Rainey Tolbert.

The articles for this journal issue were written as part of the 30th year celebration of the Gestalt OSD training and development programs being offered to the public.  The journal is a wonderful introduction to the GestaltOSD conceptual frames of reference.  Contributors are Edwin Nevis, Mary Ann Rainey Tolbert, John D. Carter, Deborah Ranier, Jonno Hanafin, Ariel Blair, Rick Maurer and Veronica Hopper Carter.



Organization Development and Gestalt: An Ongoing Partnership

Guest Editors, John D. Carter, Mary Ann Rainey Tolbert and Editor,  Marilyn Blair

A 2004 Special Issue of OD Practitioner: Journal of the Organization Development Network (vol. 36, no.4), titled “Organization Development and Gestalt: An Ongoing Partnership,” was dedicated to the OSD Center body of knowledge and Gestalt OSD work within organizations.