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Individual, Group, & Organizational Consulting and Coaching

who we are

We are a group of senior organization consultants. We are all affiliated with the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland Organization & Systems  Development  Integrative  Studies Center. We are colleagues who trust in our proven abilities, creativity, energy, and enthusiasm, and who enjoy our work, enjoy working together, and enjoy working collaboratively with our clients.

We have long-standing formal and informal professional affiliations with each other. While each of us maintains a separate consulting practice, we are able to draw upon the considerable resources of the others to provide more comprehensive services in client situations. The result is a unique blend of talents founded on mutual respect and professional compatibility.

How We Work

We provide innovative, comprehensive solutions that reflect our broad-based skills, extensive experience, and multiple perspectives. We continually strive to maintain the excellence of our services by expanding those skills and experiences, thereby enriching and refining our perspectives. Because of the mutuality of our relationships and our high standards, clients are assured of professional continuity and world-class quality in all phases of every project.

We do not deliver pre-packaged programs; everything we do is custom designed for each client. All activities are planned in collaboration with our clients on an ongoing, step-by-step basis. This practice ensures that our efforts clearly address our clients' individual and specific needs. Our orientation embraces, and encourages our clients to attend to, fundamental concerns. We focus on the integration of business goals and human elements.

We emphasize:

  • A clear definition of the organization’s direction
  • A commitment by organization members to a common set of purposes
  • A willingness to take risks and to be creative, even in times of uncertainty
  • A conscious attention to the importance of humanistic values

We purposefully highlight the completion of foundational units of work in two major areas:

  1. System and organization focus, which relates the organization's structure to its methods of operation
  2. Group and individual focus, which examines and appropriately modifies the impact of team and individual behavior on total organization performance

The nature of our involvement can vary in scope, from time-specific consultation or training sessions to projects that require months or years to complete. Under all terms and circumstances, we work within the underlying assumption that change processes must be congruous and integrative in order to support long-term success, whether on an individual, group, or organizational level.

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