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Our Training Program Objectives:

  1. Address the learning needs of individuals and organizations
  2. Learn skills to lead, manage, and consult to change efforts
  3. Influence people and processes
  4. Increase skill and capability to achieve desired outcomes

Teaching methods are varied and include lectures, readings, demonstrations, fieldwork assignments, and small group practice. Feedback on a consistent basis is a critical part of the hands-on and experimental nature of these programs. Faculty ratio averages 1 faculty member for every 4 to 6 participants.

The programs have at their heart a four-fold focus:

  1. The Gestalt OSD framework
  2. Designing interventions
  3. Developing individuals, groups, and organizations
  4. Developing systems

The Intent of Skill Enhancement in Our Work:

  • Discriminate among observations, interpretations, and judgments
  • Develop greater awareness of one’s own internal and external experience
  • Recognize resistance in the client and systems and adopt a respectful attitude in working through it
  • Observe and attend to processes at the intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, and organizational levels
  • Identify conflicts and choices related to interventions required at each level of system